Nowadays, the word “natural” continues to be one of the strongest words which affects purchasing decision of customers.

Why we should consume Natural Sausage Casing which is Derived from animal intestine?
Variable permeability feature of the natural sausage casing, which is one of the most important features of the casing, is used in order to keep, both in filling and cooking stages, the rich and aromatic taste balance from one end to another. Such feature provides to the product, the deep infusion and a thoroughly intense smoking.

Variable permeability feature of the natural casing enables the product to breathe, thus it contributes to enhance the great sweet flavour of the fresh sausage which is aged as meat or cooked in oven or grill.

Natural casing also helps to protect and maintain the fine taste of the spices which are used in production of sausage and sujuk.

Thanks to its internal thermic quality, natural casing protects consistency, and the sensitive and  the  juicy structure of the sausage inside, and it maintains its fresh look, thus it naturally extends the shelf life of the product.

Due to its interpenetrating quality of the natural casing, the flavours, both inside and outside of the sausage, which is cooked or grilled, are integrated. This substantially contributes sausage and sujuk appeal more to the eye and become a well-developed product.

The superior tension and outside strength of the natural casing due to the  inherent nature of the intestine allows sausage and sujuk producers to work with a maximum productivity level.

Sausage and sujuk, which are prepared with the natural casing have a positive affect in the production, which might change customers’ final decisions to buy the product. Such effect is related to the inherent satisfactory consistency and the visual appeal of the sausage and sujuk..

When products in various forms and calibres are gathered with their inviting attraction, the sausages and sujuks, which are prepared with natural casing, gain a strong and a very distinct appeal for the final exhibition.

Take a bite from the sausage produced with the natural casing, and experience this taste at the first bite and have such a perfect lifelong special crackling sound that could be provided in the world by only a sausage produced with natural casing.