Rapak Sanayi Ürünleri Dış.Tic. Ltd. Şti. has been founded by İsmail AKGÜNDÜZ in 1987, and still today it is operating in the field of sheep and beef casings, and it is the biggest manufacturer and exporter in the Turkish industry.

We export the 95% of the processed sheep casings as dry salted, brined, tubed and ready to use to European Union countries such as Germany, Austria, France, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Holland, Poland, and Denmark and on the other hand to Japan. We monthly manufacture and sell 150,000 hanks of sheep casings, and 20,000 hanks of beef casings in the average.
Since Istanbul is a location, which is in the center and since it is very close to Europe, we are able to deliver our products to our customers in the European Union in maximum 10 days. We regularly send the shipments on every Friday, mostly by truck,  and also by sea or air with respect to the customers’ demands. The shipment days are generally subject to the official holidays in Europe and Turkey, and the workload at the customs.

Our company, which is the member of INSCA and ENSCA; international and European natural sausage casing associations, has the quality management system that is ISO 9001, and the food safety and health control system that is ISO 22000. Our company has also the Halal Certificate issued by TSE, which has been granted for the first time in natural casing industry in Turkey to Rapak.